Yearn’s merger with SushiSwap will be the most comprehensive to date

YFI token holders will vote on some aspects of the integration.

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Uncovering the Reason Behind Female Crypto Influencers’ Instagram Bans

Female crypto influencers speaking out about gender disparity in the crypto space were banned on Instagram — who’s to blame?

Criminal Extradited from Cyprus for Allegedly Stealing Bitcoin

DOJ extradites two criminals, one for stealing Bitcoin, from Cyprus.

Crypto ‘fear index’ can now be used to peek into the future

Option traders seem to be quite fearful in October.

Commissioner Peirce wants to see the SEC approve a Bitcoin ETF

At least one leader at the SEC is in favor of seeing a Bitcoin ETF approved in the US.

Indian exchange offers ETH staking ahead of Ethereum 2.0 launch

CoinDCX users to stake on ETH 2.0 with as low as 0.1 ETH, the exchange says.

Overstock’s Blockchain Ventures Booming in Q2

Recent second quarter financial reports show big growth for Overstock — the same quarter the company gave its security token to investors as a dividend.

Cuban freedom fighters launch underground Bitcoin remittance network

Fiat trades are often completed for a sizable fee by bike-riding crypto enthusiasts.

Can Bitcoin hit $17K next? Watch these 3 key BTC price levels

Bitcoin dominance is climbing as altcoins search for a new bottom in what may be the perfect set up for a BTC rally to new all-time highs.

Understanding the EU’s 6AMLD and the risk to your business

The changes brought about by 6AMLD will affect a lot of businesses, but there is still time to prepare for new rules.



Understanding Directed Acyclic Graphs in the Blockchain Landscape

DAGs present an encouraging approach, aimed to improve the existing speed, scalability and cost issues of blockchain technology.

Latin America sends a ton of crypto to Asia, and vice versa

Latin American companies are looking towards crypto as an escape from the banking system.

Bitcoin Price Rally by 2021 Looks Likely From Five Fundamental Factors

Five key fundamental factors suggest that Bitcoin is preparing for an extended uptrend by 2021.

Margin trading terminal to add new fiat currencies and digital assets

A crypto exchange has become one of the few worldwide to offer a margin trading terminal, and it plans to support underserved fiat currencies.

Institutions will protect Bitcoin from government overreach: Erik Voorhees

Bitcoiners should embrace institutional adoption as it keeps everyone honest, says Erik Voorhees.


The ‘12 Days of Zombie Christmas’ to auction NFT holiday horrors for charity

Ah, Christmas — A time for joy! Merriment! And devouring the brains of the living with an insatiable bloodlust... because let's face it, this is 2020.

Study: 89% Worry What Happens to Their Crypto After They Die

Millennials and Zoomers are the least likely crypto investors to have a plan for their digital assets should they die unexpectedly.

Understanding the EU’s 6AMLD and the risk to your business

The changes brought about by 6AMLD will affect a lot of businesses, but there is still time to prepare for new rules.

Don’t Fall for These Fake Chinese CBDC Scams

Scammers promise high yields for people who allocate their money in a fake CBDC-related investment scheme.


DeFi Vs. Legacy Finance: Solving Old Issues Brings New Complexities

Will DeFi take over centralized finance?: A deep dive into the benefits, advantages, dangers and constraints of both systems.

From open arms to full bans: The latest on crypto regulation in Asia

A look at the legal status of crypto in Asia, where new crypto hubs are emerging and thriving despite uneven regulation.

Tax professional explains the most important thing for US crypto holders

Tax season is confusing, especially when it comes to crypto.

Can Belarus Use Crypto to Bypass Sanctions? Experts Are Skeptical

Sanctions could be coming to Belarus. Can the crypto-friendly country beat it with Bitcoin or Ethereum?

Nigeria is establishing a framework for widescale crypto adoption

Africa’s largest economy has become a bastion for crypto adoption.

Vitalik: We Underestimated How Long Proof-of-Stake and Sharding Would Take to Complete

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin mentioned looking back at Ethereum’s development.

‘Decentralized Reddit’ enables users to secure Twitter on the blockchain and Telos will collaborate on tools to record Twitter and other social media accounts and contacts to the blockchain enabling migration between platforms.

Binance Smart Chain Adds Chainlink Oracles for Better DeFi

Binance Smart Chain will integrate Chainlink data oracles to add usability to its blockchain, in particular, in the burgeoning DeFi space.

CoinLinked seeks to raise $5m in regulated Security Token offering

CoinLinked, the social network platform launched by Wall St. veteran Jenny Q Ta, hopes to raise $5 million in a regulated security token offering.