Bitcoin on-chain volume hits a 1-year high with only 3.6% coming from exchanges

Yet Bitcoin exchange trading volume has not declined.

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Price Analysis 7/1: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, LTC, BNB, ADA, CRO, EOS

Bitcoin and a few altcoins have bounced off their recent lows, suggesting that the sentiment remains to buy the dips.

Huawei and Beijing jointly develop municipal blockchain directory

Beijing’s municipal government has ambitious plan for smart city infrastructure based on the Huawei Cloud Blockchain.

Grayscale’s Crypto Funds Grow by $1 Billion in Just 11 Days

Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust currently holds $4.3B assets under management, but this growth may be due to ‘in kind’ purchases.

More Ether Holders Are in Profit Than There Are BTC Addresses in Total

Ethereum addresses in profit now exceed the total number of addresses with a Bitcoin balance.

$50K Bitcoin Is ‘Reasonable’ if BTC Hits New Highs, Says Tone Vays

Tone Vays says $45,000 to $50,000 is a reasonable bull market target for Bitcoin if it surges past $20,000.

No, Crypto Payments Won’t Ruin Russia’s Financial System, Key Players Say

Is Russia harming its economy by banning crypto payments?

Researchers Say Ransomware Attacks on the Rise as More People Work From Home

Proofpoint research shows that phishing-based ransomware attacks are on the rise amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

A New DeFi Exchange Says It Has Solved An Industry-Wide Problem

This exchange aggregator thinks it can do better than the exchanges it aggregates.

A Cryptocurrency Dressed in Fiat’s Skin: The Stablecoin DAI

Although DAI constitutes one of those cryptocurrencies whose market price is pegged to a national currency or to a stable asset, as a decentralized option, DAI is not fiat dressed as crypto, but entirely the oposite.



21Shares Has Added Over 160% to Its Managed Crypto Funds in 2020

The crypto rally of 2020 is not the biggest reason for 21Shares’ growth.

Early Bitcoiner got into the space due to his lack of Blackjack skills

Bitcoin losses hurt more as the price goes up.

Blockchain-based IP Protection Application Gets Investment

A blockchain startup is leveraging the technology to protect content creators and maintain copyright over their works.

Beyond Bitcoin: How Advances in Blockchain Can Improve Our Financial Ecosystem

Speed, reliability and availability are the cornerstones of modern finance, and DeFi has the potential to enhance and even supplant traditional finance.

What Recent Developments in the Fintech Space Mean for Our Future

There have been several significant movements forward for digital assets, and there are more to come. Here’s what to keep an eye on.

A major dark web marketplace has been offline for days and no one knows why

Users are afraid they may be in the middle of an exit scam.


Swipe (SXP) bounces after 54% crash — is $7 now a realistic target?

Swipe (SXP) has been seeing wild swings in price this month but a period of consolidation appears likely before the next big move.

Institutions Will Drive Mass Adoption of Blockchain in Finance, Says Expert

Blockchain experts discuss how institutions will play a major role in the mass adoption of blockchain-based financial infrastructure.

Major crypto firm expects Polkadot (DOT) to become a top 3 blockchain

Polkadot (DOT) price has increased by 200% in less than eight days and top crypto analysts believe the blockchain has a lot more to give.

How Grayscale Investments Sells Bitcoin to Financial Advisors

At a webinar targeting financial advisors, Grayscale’s managing director preached the value of Bitcoin and warned against physical representations of the asset.

Low Ether Volatility: No Trader Interest or Calm Before the ETH Storm?

Although Ether has seen its transaction volumes surge and active addresses skyrocket, its price has failed to spike in the past month.


Polkadot indicator? Data shows Ethereum price follows it to the DOT

Data shows Polkadot’s (DOT) price action is working as a predictor of Ethereum price moves for the past few weeks, what’s behind the trend?

Global Enterprises Embrace Public Blockchains as Technology Matures

More enterprises are using public blockchains as the space matures, but what does this mean for private blockchain adoption?

How can DeFi projects avoid getting cloned and dying?

Was the Uniswap fork that created SushiSwap a good thing for the DeFi sector?

Bitcoin Volatility Hits 2018 Lows but Is a Repeat 42% Drop Possible?

Traders remain cautious as Bitcoin’s current lack of volatility is similar to November 2018 when low trading volume resulted in a 42% drop.

This Startup Is on a Quest to Make Decentralized Exchanges Viable for Pros

The Vega Protocol claims to have found a solution to sustainably bootstrap liquidity for decentralized exchanges.

‘Significant’ Ethereum Rally Signals New Altcoin Season — Peter Brandt

Ethereum price saw a bullish breakout against Bitcoin on July 9 and veteran trader Peter Brandt believes this could trigger a new altcoin season.

Alchemy Aims to Transform Blockchain Development with New Build Tools

New dev tools promise to make blockchain development open to more engineers, as well as faster and more efficient.

Gavin Wood: ‘Governance is Critical’ for Crypto Ecosystem

Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood spoke at the Unitize conference on July 6 regarding blockchain governance in the Polkadot project.

Bitcoin’s ROI Since 2015 Outperforms Five Major Indices by 70X

Analyst Justinas Baltrusaitis says Bitcoin’s return on investment from 2015 to 2020 puts the digital asset ahead of many traditional markets.