Blockchain Welcomes All, but General Tech Industry Lacks in Diversity

Industry stakeholders say the crypto and blockchain space is becoming more racially diverse as the technology spreads across the world.

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Sergey Nazarov: Smart Contract Adoption by Enterprises About to Take Off

Chainlink CEO Sergey Nazarov and Interwork Alliance President Ron Resnick are optimistic that enterprise adoption is speeding up.

No One Knows Why Binance.US Is Down Right Now

Binance's U.S. trading platform has gone down unexpectedly.

Singapore man pleads guilty to stealing $360K in fake Bitcoin sale

The cases of the robber’s two accomplices are still pending.

Here’s how to properly earn a DeFi sized yield trading Bitcoin options

Here’s how investors can use Bitcoin options to generate DeFi-sized yields without having to wrap their hodl stack.

Blockchain voting is the alternative for trusted democratic elections

There is a way to give the voting system greater legitimacy and veracity: backing it with blockchain technology.

‘Govts know digital assets are here to stay,’ upcoming exchange says

An upcoming digital assets exchange has vowed to work with regulators around the world to deliver a cutting-edge experience to retail and institutional investors.

Vitalik Buterin Warns High Fees Threaten Ethereum’s Security

As Ether transaction fees hit 100 gwei, the project’s co-founder warns that a failure to respond could undermine the security of the network.

5 National Currencies That Bitcoin Is Absolutely Crushing in 2020

The price of Bitcoin has surged by 50% to 128% against global currencies since early 2020 and analysts believe the trend could continue.

Polkadot DeFi developers may soon get a new oracle provider with historic data

Polkadot snatches yet another oracle provider from a different blockchain.



Bitcoin price hits $14,000 exactly 12 years after whitepaper released

The price of Bitcoin has surpassed the critical $14,000 mark, the highest level since January 2018.

Traders discuss what’s next for Bitcoin after abrupt 3% overnight drop

Traders are mixed after the price of Bitcoin sees a sudden pullback from $10,950 to $10,630 overnight.

Abra CEO’s portfolio is 50% Bitcoin as cash is ‘becoming worthless’

Abra's CEO purportedly increased his holdings prior to Bitcoin touching new 2020 highs.

Review: ‘HOW ARE WE’ – Tokenized Performance Art Film

Love it or hate it, a piece of performance art is now in permanent residence on the Ethereum blockchain. So is it worth watching?

Mastercard launches virtual testing environment for central bank currencies

Is Mastercard trying to show some central banks the folly of their ways?

Colombian Technology Ministry Endorses Blockchain and Crypto

Colombian public entities have identified ten areas that would benefit from blockchain solutions.


Surging Interest in ‘Yam’ Yield Farming — But Is It Too risky?

Yam Finance claims to bring fairness to farming with new elastic supply token.

Swiss blockchain group formed to encourage new blockchain companies

The group also wants more research and academic studies into the technology.

Major Swiss health insurance company now accepts crypto payments

Policyholders can pay in either Bitcoin or Ether through Bitcoin Suisse.

Russia’s largest bank joins blockchain trade finance platform

The Swiss arm of Russia’s largest bank is exploring blockchain-based trade finance.

New Bitcoin addresses hit two-year high after China advertises crypto

Data shows 22,000 new entities created in a single day as one analyst suggests the added volume will translate to price gains.


Set Your Alarms: Most Bitcoin Is Now Traded During These Hours

The start of trading in New York appears to impact Bitcoin volatility much more than other stock markets.

Blockchain Interoperability: The Big Picture

A unified language for digital assets would provide the foundation for our decentralized economic and social infrastructure.

Bitcoin dumps on news of successful COVID-19 vaccine trials

Bitcoin apparently did not like all the fanfare over good results in a COVID-19 vaccine trial.

NYC court has no right to hear ‘international’ case argues Bancor firm

Lawyers argued the complaint was “based on a man in Wisconsin using an exchange in Singapore to purchase tokens issued by a Swiss entity.”

Afghan Government to Use Blockchain to Combat Counterfeit Drugs

Afghanistan’s healthcare ministry and several local pharmaceutical companies will use Fantom’s blockchain to combat counterfeit drugs.

Stocks may push Bitcoin to $10.8K, says trader as USD bull run falters

The U.S. dollar currency index caps six days of gains with fresh resistance, while stocks could give Bitcoin a fresh boost, says Michaël van de Poppe.

Square launches cryptocurrency patent alliance to fight the trolls

Square is launching a consortium to pool patents and democratize access to innovative blockchain technologies

Chainlink Price Hits A New All-Time High — Will Tezos (XTZ) Follow?

Tezos price looks ripe to follow in Chainlink’s footsteps for a massive rally and even new all-time highs given the correlation of these two cryptocurrencies.

The avaricious misanthropy of Brian Armstrong

If the mission is to create economic freedom for Coinbase's CEO, he's taking all the right steps.