Coinbase Pro passes gas fees to users as ETH miner revenue hits 5 year high

Following Uniswap’s UNI token launch, Ethereum transaction fees spiked to almost $1 million an hour.

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Blockchain platform connects Indian farmers to UAE food industry

Agriota E-Marketplace may give farmers in India more access to the UAE’s multi-billion dollar food industry.

Bitcoin price may spark ‘war of miners’ — 1-day pool outflows hit $18M

Pools may be attempting to trade the dip, CryptoQuant suggests as its CEO warns about rivalries building.

Crypto banks are going to swallow fiat banks in 3 years — or even less

In three years, a younger generation of banking customers won’t do business with a traditional fiat bank unless it offers access to crypto.

Blockchain-based fantasy soccer game Sorare signs on Paris Saint-Germain

PSG players Neymar and Kylian Mbappé, as well as club veterans like David Beckham, will be issued as collectible digital player cards on blockchain platform Sorare.

Bitcoin Futures Data Shows Market Favors Bulls Despite $1.5K Flash Crash

Several key derivatives indicators show investors are still strongly bullish on Bitcoin despite $1 billion in liquidations.

Police summon Bithumb chairman for questioning over alleged fraud

Police raids on the Bithumb offices are apparently not just FUD as more investigation reports come in.

Telegram Will Shut Down the TON Testnet by August 2020

Users will need to install their own testnet validators to continue using the network.

Price Analysis 6/24: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, LTC, BNB, EOS, ADA, CRO

A few major cryptocurrencies are close to breaking below their critical support levels, indicating further downside in the next few days.

Five Hours to Failure: The ‘Save Yam’ Proposal Is Falling Short

A Yam Finance code flaw saw the project ask investors to pledge to save the platform. Not enough have.



Bakkt Bitcoin futures smashes daily volume record by 36%

Despite the milestone, Bakkt’s future volumes pale in comparison to those of top crypto exchanges Binance and Huobi.

‘Crypto Valley’ residents can now pay taxes in Bitcoin

Authorities in the canton of Zug now embrace cryptocurrency for tax settlement.

Major EOS Block Explorer Acquired by Metal Pay

EOSIO explorer now belongs to another firm.

Grayscale: Bitcoin Market ‘Looks Like 2016, Before Historic Bull Run’

Grayscale notes that long term holders are increasingly dominating the Bitcoin markets over short-term speculators, driving demand relative to supply.

Income Inequality: Can Bitcoin or Other Cryptocurrencies Fix This?

Despite the benefits of crypto being in the hands of the few, the current crisis may be a harbinger of change.

LINE expands blockchain and crypto product portfolio with two new additions

Japanese messaging giant LINE will ease the development of blockchain services and digital asset management through its two new products.


Price Analysis 8/7: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, LTC, ADA, LINK, BNB, CRO

Bitcoin and altcoins might consolidate or correct marginally for a few days before a possible breakout to the upside.

Interview: Caitlin Long and David Kinitsky on crypto’s big win with Kraken Financial bank charter

Avanti CEO and Kraken Financial Managing Director discuss Wyoming's progressive steps in blockchain regulation

XRP Price Can Outperform Bitcoin in the Short Term — Here’s Why

As Bitcoin's price continues to range sideways, the momentum may be shifting to XRP for the next big move.

TRX in Trouble? Binance Moves $300M Tether From Tron to Ethereum

Does this week’s 300 million USDT migration from the Tron to Ethereum blockchain mean trouble is brewing for TRX?

World Stablecoin Association Launches in Switzerland

The World Stablecoin Association aims to unite major global stablecoin projects like Tether and USDC.


OneCoin Marketing Scam Operator Fined $72,000 in Singapore

A Singapore man was fined $72,000 for operating a multi-level marketing scheme linked to the Ponzi scheme OneCoin.

Global shipping leaders join IBM and Maersk blockchain platform

Two leading global container carriers have joined the TradeLens platform to digitize their supply chain.

Mysterious Bitcoin mining pattern potentially solved after seven years

We may not know who Satoshi Nakamoto was, but at least this is one mystery we think we can solve.

Swiss crypto bank Sygnum scores approval for digital asset trading

The digital Swiss franc issuer is now licensed as a "digital asset trading facility."

Fool’s gold? Peter Schiff’s bank under investigation in tax evasion probe

Does an extortion attempt from Russian hackers explain Schiff's hatred for Bitcoin?

Afghan Government to Use Blockchain to Combat Counterfeit Drugs

Afghanistan’s healthcare ministry and several local pharmaceutical companies will use Fantom’s blockchain to combat counterfeit drugs.

Verisign Wins US Patent for Blockchain Powered Domain Names

Verisign, a publicly traded company providing domain name registry services, has been granted a blockchain-based patent.

US banking regulator authorizes federal banks to hold reserves for stablecoins

Federal banks in the U.S. see new capacity to provide services to crypto firms, specifically stablecoin operators.

Tezos improves DeFi infrastructure with Harbinger price oracles

Delegated price feed oracles are coming to the Tezos ecosystem.